Hostgator Coupon Codes

hostgator coupon codesYou don’t need me to tell you there are a lot of different low-cost shared hosting companies out there fighting tooth-and-nail to secure your services. This is a very, very, very competitive market that’s only going to get more and more competitive with every passing year.

But for such a competitive market it’s a little surprising just how cookie cutter many of the market’s offerings really are. Pretty much every low-cost shared hosting company offers the exact same packages, at the exact same prices, with the exact same “bonuses” and the exact same guarantees as everyone else. In a market this competitive you’d expect to see a lot more innovation and a lot steeper price competition, both of which should add up to make it easy to choose what company will best meet your needs at the lowest price and what companies just don’t measure up.

Instead we see a market filled with so many clones of each other that the only way to choose a company is to sift through the debris until you find one that offers something truly special- a suite of focused options at incredibly low prices bundled with some great bonuses. Hostgator is one of those special companies. Here’s how they pull off the impossible…

What Products and Services Does Hostgator Offer?

When you browse over to Hostgator you’ll find pretty much every basic web hosting service you could want when you’re either getting a site online for the first time or when you’re looking for a low-cost and convenient service to either utilize for a reselling business or to launch many small websites for an internet marketing initiative. These products and services on offer from Hostgator include:

  • Hosting. You can choose from multiple hosting plans with Hostgator but they all follow the same basic blueprint as just about every other basic hosting package out there. Hostgator’s lowest cost and most popular hosting plan provides you with a free domain name, over 180 free tools to help you get started, hosting for unlimited sites, access to unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth, a free site builder, access to e-commerce tools and full compatibility with Linux, Windows, Java and a host of popular scripts.
  • VPS Hosting. A more stable, reliable and faster form of shared hosting than the standard plan mentioned above. Basically offers a low-cost alternative to dedicated server hosting.
  • Java/Tomcat Hosting. Like the basic package but provides WAR support, instant rebooting, and support for all major frameworks.
  • Reseller Hosting. Provides support for private label plans, free transfer assistance and support for overselling.
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting. Offers fully managed accounts, full administrative access, and 24/7/365 free staff support.
  • Domain Names. A simple domain search and registration service.
  • Web Design. All packages include a free web site builder with over 500 professionally designed templates but you can also purchase a custom website design and you can use your own software to make your own design which you upload to your hosted site.

There are definitely other hosting companies out there with a slightly more robust produce and service selection to choose from, but overall you’re probably going to find everything you need from Hostgator. After all, instead of trying to overload you with multiple options Hostgator instead focuses on doing a great job offering the basics and then backing those basics up with a powerful suite of added benefits and supportive bonuses you just won’t find from any of their competitors.

What Extras Can I Expect From Hostgator?

For any company to compete in the extremely full low-cost shared hosting solution market they need to go the extra mile and provide their clients with something that no one else can offer, or at the least something that no one else is willing to offer. Many companies attempt to make their mark by offering their prospective clients the lowest possible prices (a gambit that Hostgator pulls) in order to win over the bargain seekers. Take this Hostgator discount and use it before signing up, we did the same and managed to save like $5 per month which can seriously add up over time if you manage you site for the long run. But Hostgator does more than slash its prices to the bone- Hostgator also promises its clients a few more goodies that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The first of these is 100% uptime. Uptime refers to the amount of time your website will be up on the web. In other words, by promising 100% uptime Hostgator is pretty much saying your website is never going to be down.

Now, this doesn’t sound like such a big deal. In fact, you’d be right to assume every hosting company should offer 100% uptime. After all, if the whole point of hiring a hosting company is to get and keep your site online then you would only want to pay good money to a company that could provide this. But most companies don’t promise 100% uptime. Most promise something really close to constant, unbroken uptime, such as 99% or even 99.99% uptime, but very few companies go the extra mile and make the bold promise on offer from Hostgator.

Why is this? Because other companies want to cover their backs in case your website goes down. They’re playing it safe, and in the process excusing themselves for slacking here and there. While the difference between a promise of 99.99% uptime and 100% uptime might not sound like so much it’s pretty huge, because in between those numbers lies the fact most companies are OK with letting you down from time-to-time, while Hostgator is not.

As an added bonus Hostgator uses Green servers. No, this statement doesn’t refer to the actual color of the servers themselves, it refers to the fact Hostgator powers its company and the technology running its company through green or alternative energy sources. This doesn’t impact the quality of their service in any way, for good or for bad, but it’s a nice little touch that’s worth taking into consideration when choosing your hosting solution.

Another little extra promised by Hostgator is their 180 Day Risk Free Guarantee. This promise is pretty simple but pretty powerful. It’s basically a money-back guarantee, a little clause in your contract that lets you try out the service for 180 days and, if you don’t like the service, to cancel your contract and get your money back at any point during that time. Risk free guarantees are pretty common in this market but you’d be hard pressed to find any other company who offers a guarantee as extensive that lasts quite as long as Hostgators. This guarantee isn’t limited to one plan either- it comes bundled with every shared, reseller and VPS plan offered by Hostgator.

Finally, Hostgator is the ONLY company within its market that offers both a Lifetime Discount and a Price Guarantee. These are important bonuses that work sort of the same way as Rent Control. With these guarantees Hostgator is basically saying that the price you pay when you first sign up for their service is the same as the price you’ll pay for any and all future renewals. Why is this so impressive? This is a great deal because the vast, vast, vast majority of hosting companies out there put out some really impressive introductory offers you can take advantage of when you first sign up but then those companies jack up the price when it comes time to renew your service. Hostgator doesn’t play these tricks with prices. Instead, what you pay the first time you sign up with Hostgator is what you pay every time you sign up for their services, and that’s a great little cherry on top of a service already bursting with welcome incentives.

How Inexpensive Are Hostgator’s Services?

Let’s put it this way- you’d be really hard pressed to find any other hosting company with prices as low as the prices on offer from Hostgator. This is an impressive statement in any market, but it’s doubly impressive in the low-cost shared hosting market. And why is that? Because this market is so competitive that everyone in it has been driving down prices and cutting the cost of their services so severely and for so long now that many of us joke these services are practically free. Well, Hostgator takes this “practically free” charge to heart when it prices its services. Just look at how little you’ll have to pay for the following popular packages:

  • $1.95/month for a basic web and ecommerce hosting package. This is the same basic package you’ll find from any of Hostgator’s competitors, though those other companies tend to charge at least 2-5 times as much for those services. In addition the domain name you register through this plan will not only be free when you first sign up, but you won’t need to pay to keep it in your name every single year, which is an extra charge you’re stuck with when working with other companies.
  • $11.17/month for VPS hosting. This is about 1/4th the cost of many other basic VPS hosting plans you’ll find out there on the market. I don’t need to tell you that getting ¾ off the price of a useful service is a wonderful thing.
  • $9.87/month for a reseller hosting account. With a reseller price tag this low you won’t have a very hard time making some quick profits if you’re in the reseller market and you’re using Hostgator’s services.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. Hostgator sells pretty much every single one of its services for much, much less than you’d pay for an equivalent service from one of the company’s competitors. The key word here is equivalent- you aren’t paying less money for a lesser service, you’re paying less money for the same exact service, and sometimes you’re paying less money for a superior service.

Let Me Guess- I Should Order From Hostgator?

You’re absolutely right. Provided Hostgator offers the sorts of products and services you’re looking for then you have every reason to sign up for their services. Yes, it’s possible that Hostgator isn’t offering exactly what you’re looking for and if that’s the case you should look elsewhere. But most people browsing through the low-cost shared hosting market for a provider are going to find exactly what they need from Hostgator, especially if you’re one of the many, many people who are just looking for an introductory service that will reliably get them online for the first time, either because they’re creating their first website or because they’re launching a bunch of new small websites to support their business or promotional efforts.

If you’re still on the fence think about it this way. Hostgator offers the lowest prices you will ever find for these shared hosting solutions. Hostgator offers a full suite of services that will get you online for a variety of different reasons. Hostgator offers a number of different bonuses that you aren’t going to find anywhere else that ensure you’re always going to save money and experience a hassle-free time working with them. And Hostgator does all this without compromising the quality of their services in an effort to cut their costs to the point where they’re as close to free as you’re ever going to find.

So yes, when it comes down to it you should absolutely sign up with Hostgator. You won’t be disappointed.